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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Society • EXCLUSIVE: Personal Note To Readers of This Website

California is a difficult place for ministers who believe in God. The only ones on the approved list are those who are members of the Interfaith Council where liberal ministers who alter the Bible to please society fit right in and are advanced.  This minister was approached and encouraged to join them, where, they stated, “your ministry would be helped.” That means not attacked. If this ministry is to be helped, it will be God Who helps it, no one else, especially when it requires a perversion and compromise of The Holy Scriptures.  So the invitation was declined.

The West Coast newspapers are hostile to any devoted Christian.  The Contra Costa Newspapers did their best to destroy this ministry that God entrusted into my hands, even assisting a D.A. to file and ‘try’ publicly a totally bogus (later admitted) case against me in order to propel a losing corrupt politician back into office. The following email was sent to a columnist of The Contra Costa Times this morning as she is one of the writers there who has joined the fray to help silence me.

Friday May 7, 2013
Ms. Joan Morris,

You have made your point by not responding to a sincere compliment paid you when you took over for Gary Bogue.  Another note to you much earlier quoted from a story you wrote over 20 years ago when I first came to the Bay Area. I was so very impressed with your writing that I referred to your work as ‘classic literature.’ You could not be bothered nor did you have the graciousness to even acknowledge my note.

I love animals and strongly support the humane treatment of all creatures. One would have thought you would have been interested in a minister’s verification of animals that grieve—the subject of your recent column, but you totally ignored it while publishing other responses.

Then again, when I did a high profile funeral of a very prominent resident of Bethel Island recently with a beautiful service with personal observations of that person, your newspaper reported everything BUT my participation in that service, stating that “After the usual nice person comments….” etc. I would certainly hope that my services are more than that.  Everyone else who participated was listed. I put together the whole Memorial Service and conducted it, then was shunned by The Times. It was not my desire to be singled out but at least included with those who took part.

Indeed, your people have made a glaring point of banning the publication of my name or acknowledgment of my participation in any community wide event. This has become recognized as a purposeful and noticeable slight which violates the principle of manners and any vestige of professionalism in your organization. And yes, there is a reason for that.

Your newspapers once launched the most vicious attack on me I’ve ever experienced simply because I was (and am) a very active minister and chaplain in the Bay Area. It was an attempt to draw in more readers and subscribers. And you people succeeded in your quest for a brief time. There was no basis for the attacks, except that I am a Christian, and for being well known for my work in the East Bay.

Subscribers who demanded to know the basis for the attacks realized there was no basis and began to cancel subscriptions by the thousands. Then when the MAJOR ADVERTISERS for The Antioch Ledger (part of the newspaper chain)  cancelled their advertising, the Ledger went belly-up and was shut down….specifically due to their unwarranted attacks on a man who believed in God and was known by the area.

Your paper never forgave me for the demise of the Ledger (due to its own misconduct against a citizen)  and employed the usual action of a Marxist nation, by attempting to make me a non-person. That is exactly what Communist Russia did to Christians (and writers) they did not approve of.

Well, Ms. Morris, while I would like to be in the flow of this community, which you and your colleagues have determined to prevent, I am now writing for major news sources. One of my stories just picked up by USA Today (the second time they’ve picked up on one of my pieces—the first one about the Veteran’s Day Parade in Antioch), and in addition, my own website, has over one million eight hundred thousand readers and that number is growing so rapidly that it will hit 2 million in a short time. (The number of readers at 9:45 P.M., Pacific is: 1,806,195)

So Ms. Morris, while I admire you as a writer and especially appreciate your love of animals, I will use your tactic and that of all your fellow ‘journalists’ at The Times,  to consider you also as a persona non grata in my life. I will no longer expect civility from you or anyone at the Times and will never even attempt to contact you again. Even so, I do wish you well.

Yours Very Truly,
Rev. Austin Miles

Extra Writer’s Note: The decline of national newspapers have nothing to do with the internet offering free news. It is due to their deplorable and arrogant lack of manners and ethics, who print only what will boost their choices in government that will further their purposes, with stories that are slanted with downright lies and misrepresentation to accomplish that.  What is worse, they will attack high profile people who are blameless in order to sensationalize their efforts to hopefully increase their readership.

THIS is why the newspaper business is going under. That is precisely why The Ledger folded up, with more to follow. As for the columnist mentioned above, no response is expected. Nor from the Executive Editor, Publisher and News Editor who received copies of the email. I waited until the end of the day when news offices were closed to give them that chance before publishing this.

If any response comes in (which is doubtful) it will be added here. Check back in a couple of days.




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