Helen Keller Celebrating her 80th Birthday">

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Society • Social Injustice Because Someone Succeeds?

Social Justice means that people who work and succeed must accept that they are selfish and be compelled to share their wealth with those who do not. It is social injustice for anyone to feel inferior and not be a part of another person’s success. Very effective, skillful misuse of words.


Helen Keller Celebrating her 80th Birthday

There are many ministers who are far better preachers than this writer. There are writers whose abilities place them far above others.

There are those who are certainly better looking and popular. And many who live in more elaborate houses and drive fancier cars.

Teenagers are the top contenders for social injustice classification for all of the above. They become withdrawn, silently angry and resentful for their own lack of standing or success.

Just being around those who are thought of as superior, or seen as someone with a mental strength not possessed by others, can be intimidating to those who find themselves in their presence. The resentment begins to boil.

That would be easy to understand—to feel inferior in the shadow of another person’s strength and skills, followed by the admiration they receive from others, while the one observing accepts the role of ‘wall-flower.’  So what’s the use of even trying? One could never match that. Really?

Preaching is an art form. This chaplain has never professed to be a preacher but does not think it injustice because others are fantastic behind the pulpit, which exceeds the abilities of this minister. But God has dealt with me differently with different skills and approaches, with an effective speaking ability to occupy the space entrusted by Him to these hands.  I admire those who give dynamite sermons and whose appearances on TV are star quality. Admire yes, but never trying to compete.

There are writers, whose skills are so high that I would not even attempt to equal them. Authors like the late Irving Stone and present day movie and concert critic, Richard Scheinin of the Contra Costa Times.

Scheinin is masterful in his knowledge of his subject and astonishing in his refreshing use of words, such as his review of “Bolero” conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas of The San Francisco Symphony.

He described a lively violin portion as ‘like a riot of fire flies.” He stated how the conductor subtly danced with his shoulders as the intensity of the piece began to build.

But it is not considered ‘social injustice’ for that writer to be more talented than this one. We should not compare ourselves to others or try to compete, but rather celebrate individual giftings.

The term, Social Justice, is one framed by Karl Marx and the entire Socialist-Communist Party for the purpose of causing national unrest and instability by turning groups of people against other groups of people. As that destabilization takes hold, weakening the population, the Czars prepare to move in to take over. That is precisely the agenda and exactly what is happening today.

This morning, I saw a young black man without a shirt, shuffle-walking across a street, posture stooped, eyes darting in all directions. His body language poured out persecution, rejection, inferiority and anger at the people on the streets and in the cars around him. He was, as he was taught, “socially deprived.”

For him, it is all about the color of his skin, which has been hammered into him constantly by those who attempt to undermine America. Yet, countless blacks have gone to the top and received the admiration and the acclaim of the world, simply because they determined to do so and were willing to work to make it happen.

NEWS FLASH!  Everyone of every color from every family comes into this world on an equal platform. Of course there are some who are born with disabilities. Helen Keller was one of those, being born both blind and deaf. Yet she learned to talk, went to college, graduated, and became one of the most loved and influential individuals the world has ever known.

All are born with the same number of brain cells and thought pattern to be developed, each the same as those who are considered geniuses of today. Nobody is born dumb or slow. And by the way, Albert Einstein was born dyslexic and had that to deal with all his life.

Everyone without exception is born with the same possibilities along with the brain power to accomplish anything. The only thing standing between those who succeed and those who do not is determination and work. And most important of all, to recognize the status we all have as children of God…if we choose to be. That is where the power is.

Those who hide behind the Communist Mantra, ‘Social Injustice” are guilty themselves of social injustice to all of us in the world, since we will be deprived of the great individual gifts that would benefit us all, plus their presence. which could, if decided to be so, become a joy to have in our midst while contributing greatly to the world.
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