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Rev. Austin Miles, a chaplain in Northern California is a writer and historian. He is the author of Santa's Surprising Origins, a story that received worldwide circulation and resulted in him being cast in the 2004 Hallmark Christmas Movie titled, Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus. He played the mall Santa who magically received the gift of sign language.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Society • Sticker Shock!  A BillionBucks to PROMOTE Obamacare +

WASHINGTON D.C. While the Obama Administration pathetically pleads the need to “cut back” on government spending due to the orchestrated shutdown, Mr. Obama, to sincerely demonstrate his point, cancelled tours of The White House which, he said, saved the government $1.8 Million buckeroos.

image Money is no object for Obama

Next he packed up his family on Air Force One and took a month’s vacation in Africa, staying in the most expensive hotels, amusements, fine dining, shopping and side trips on Air Force One which is not a cheap taxi. It was widely reported that the Obamas ran up a tag of….fasten your seat belts…ONE HUNDRED MILLION BUCKS payed for by the taxpayers, many of whom are barely making it. Glad he saved us that 1.8 million. Good management.

It hasn’t escaped MilesTones that The One has also spent $1 billion—according to U.S.News and World Report—one billion-with-a-B, taxpayer dollars to promote his Socialist Obamacare scheme…with massive advertising as well as…buying people to help push it and…buying OFF people who oppose it.  But it gets worse. It is also reported that taxpayers will continue to pay, TWO BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to sustain the continual promotion of Obamacare.  And this is called “The Affordable Care Act?”  If this is the AFFORDABLE Care Act, we’d hate to see what an expensive plan would be like.

Nevertheless, how heart warming it is, to know that the man sitting in the highest office in the land, is so genuinely concerned about our health and well being that he is spending a fortune to make sure we are covered. How great is that?

Obama spent another $678 Million to create the “Affordable Healthcare” Website that immediately crashed on the big day of the ‘unveiling.’  Toni Towner, the CEO of CGI Federal was the recipient of a personal financial-boom [government] contract with a “no bid” negotiation…meaning, no one else was allowed to bid. It was all decided. How so?

Ms. Towner the CEO, as it turns out, is a former Princeton classmate of Michelle Obama where they both were active members in the “Association of Black Princeton Alumni,” and have remained close friends since.  Cronyism Lives!

Now the kicker of that unethical contract—CGI Federal is based in….ready for this?..CANADA,..not in the U.S. where Silicon Valley reigns, and can get any technical job done. Nope. American based companies and talent were tossed aside in favor of a personal friendship that resulted in a Canadian based company receiving the lucrative contract.

And Obama’s choice turned out to be a disaster, with the incompetent firm scotch-taping together a website that did not work.

Six hundred seventy eight Million bucks has gone down the drain while another contract must be drawn up to fix the mess which will cost the taxpayers additional millions…all due to a severe lapse in ethics, which is a hallmark of The Obama Administration.

READER ALERT! This Obama care fiasco and resulting confusion has paved the way for the scam of scams to take root and flourish. Beware of unsolicited calls from those promising the answer to the health care debacle with a plan “just for you.”  Not only will money paid out be lost in the wind, but the scam elites will be able to extract all information (that one would normally not give) including medical information which can result in the ultimate identity theft.

BEWARE OF ANY PHONE CALLS REGARDING OBAMACARE. Do not give ANY identification information.

With all this expense and subterfuge to promote Obamacare, it must be questioned if it is truly Obama’s passionate flaming heart that desires to ease the pain and suffering of his subjects during a health crisis, or, could the motive for his intense insistence to push it through be…something else?

Outrageous Court Settlement: Remember the fiendish actions of a police officer at U.C. Davis (California) confronting student protesters, then while they were squatting on the ground, the officer calmly walked around and pepper-sprayed each of them in the eyes and face as they screamed in pain?  A furor erupted when the videos of that act went viral and on the nightly news.  The officer received thousands of contentious emails, faxes, phone calls and regular letters by mail. And this hurt his feelings dontcha know.

Well, the police officer, Lieutenant John Pike, was just awarded $38,000 for the “psychiatric damage to him as a result of the nasty response to his deed. He filed papers and was able to get ‘workman’s compensation’ for the distress the dear soul endured, and he received the award as a result of his hurt feelings… in cold cash.

MilesTones Observation:  This is great! A new precedent has been established which would greatly benefit the Christian Churches and Christians in general who are constantly being slandered, attacked and get nasty emails for simply being Christians.

With this case showing how it can be done, from this point on, if someone insults or criticizes Christians and their pastors, all that is needed is to file papers showing these actions caused hurt feelings,  stress, anxiety…and compensation awaits…simply call it psychiatric damage and file papers to receive the big bucks.  This means that churches will not even need to pass the collection plate on Sundays anymore. Hallelujah!  Yep, this is all working out for the good.  CHARGE!
Even though Rev. Miles writes with a decidedly light touch with sometimes “distinctive” words or phrases, he did formally study Journalism at Los Medanos College, Pittsburg,California.
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