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Friday, September 25, 2009

MilesTones • News of the Morning—First Nudest Hiking Trail?

I suppose this morning’s news could be, “All The Nudes That’s Fit To Print.” According the the German paper, The Local,  the country’s first route for hiking naked could soon open in the hilly Harz region. Also, a taxi driver forced a man to enter the Munich Airport naked after a fare dispute.

“The Local” reports that foreigners are frequently shocked by the widespread nudity found in German parks and other public spaces, but even tolerant Teutons have their limits for the country’s Freikorperkultur (FKK), or literally “free body culture.” For example, most would disapprove of a group of girl scouts happening upon stark naked hikers while on a weekend camping trip.

Which is why Heinz Ludwig, an entrepreneur from the bucollic Harz region of Saxony-Anhalt, started an initiative to open the country’s first trail for hiking nude from the town of Dankerode to the Wippertal Reservoir and back (18 kilometres). It is intened to allow FKK aficionados to commmune with nature while au natural when it opens next month.

The German media reported this week that hikers in the buff could already hit the trail, but Ludwig told the news agency DDP the path still needed to be cleared of stinging nettles. (MilesTones suggests that for men, squirrels would pose an even greater danger.)

The letters to the editor responding to this were priceless with many complaining of the impropriety of it all, with one letter-writer stating, “Some people won’t be happy until everyone is wearing burqas.”

The trail is due to officially open next month which will give a new meaning to Octoberfest. MilesTones figures that this will become a real naturist’s hangout.

Then this item broke the calm of the morning with the headline: Taxi Driver Forces Man To Enter Airport Naked After Fare Dispute.  According to Germany’s Daily Bild, a Leipzig man was forced to traipse through the Munich Airport naked after an enraged taxi driver took all his possesssions when he couldn’t pay his entire fare.

The man had been in Munich to visit a nightclub. On his way back to the airport in a taxi he realized that he did not have enough money left over to pay the whole fare. The driver took both of his mobile phones, all of his identification and his keys. “Then,” the man said, “I had to strip down naked. He also took my underwear and glasses!”

The man went into the airport with only a newspaper to cover himself. Police at the airport later gave him jogging pants and a t-shirt for his flight home. The taxi driver, it is reported, has not yet been found, but the authorities are investigating the incident as theft

It would seem, due to these problems this morning, that No Nudes is Good Nudes.





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