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Saturday, September 26, 2009

MilesTones • News of the Weekend

So much crazy news…Muslim plots to destroy several cities in America this past week, thousands of Muslims marching the streets of Washington D.C. the next day, Revelations of Iran’s secret second nuclear facility…Obama cancelling travel plans for Kenyon leaders that wanted to come here….Incest in the Mommas and Papas family…murders all over the place….more corruption in high places…the ninety minute ravings of Gadhafi…so much heavy stuff that your scribe will retreat to MilesTones where things are a little lighter. Come along…..

Fortunately, all the doom and gloom was broken when The Monthly Grapevine was delivered, detailing all the activities of this area of Northern California.  A full page ad heralding the attractions at the El Campanil Theatre in Antioch, California advised us thusly: “Saturday, October 24, 2009 7:00pm. Antioch Music Foundation Presents; Saringhimig Singers. General Admission: $20. Stud Discount: $10.” I’m not really sure that I qualify for the discount, even though it probably is a bad abbreviation for Student.

Then, the German Newspaper, The Local (on line) just came in with this headline: “Gay Sunday kicks off first Octoberfest Weekend.” It goes on to say, “Gay Sunday, the homosexual “mega event” will take place on the first weekend of the world-famous Bavarian Bash in Munich. Guess this gives new meaning to men in leather trousers. Hope those lederhosen fit into the high heel shoes comfortably.

Even though a bit more somber, this headline from Germany reads: “Last East German Leader Still a Convinced Socialist.” It goes on to say; “Communist East Germany’s last leader, Egon Krenz said this week he still believes socialism will triumph over capitalism in the end, almost 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

“I am still optimistic and cannot believe that capitalism, with all the crises it generates, can be history’s very last word,” Krenz, still sprightly at the age of 72, told reporters on Tuesday.

Krenz took over from long-term communist leader Erich Honecker on October 18, 1989, as the regime vainly sought to regain control of a country engulfed in a peaceful revolution that brought down the hated Berlin Wall just three weeks later. A similar situation may be in America’s future.

In the meantime, having been greatly refreshed by that discount ad, a long walk seems desireable.





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