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Monday, September 28, 2009

MilesTones • News of the Morning-

At last the flap over Moammar Gadahfi camping out on The Donald’s (Trump) property has finally calmed down. At one point the heat generated over the dispute was in tents!  Also a university’s new morality and a man sues Bank of America for $1,784 billion trillion…however, there’s only one problem:

This morning, one Dalton Chiscolm sued Bank of America (BOA) for over $1,784 billion trillion bucks, taking us into the Septillion number, which is 1 with 24 zeros after it, according to Daily Finance.  Not to worry. Obama will probably give the bank a bailout to cover it all.

Chiscolm is ticked that BOA would not deposit some of his checks due to problems with their routing numbers. All this over difficulty in making deposits? The large amount he is suing for covers “Damages for his suffering.” That would probably take care of his ‘suffering’ plus giving him some extra lunch money. However, MilesTones detects a serious problem. If he gets the settlement, how will he deposit it?
This morning’s news saw this TV blurb about today’s Jerry Springer Show: “A man cheats on his girlfriend to console himself after the death of singer Michael Jackson.”  Hey,  Any excuse is better than no excuse.
Tufts University has initiated a new policy which forbids a college room mate from having sex in the dormitory when the other room mate is present. That’s a Tufts rule to follow.  Anyway, it’s certainly refreshing to see that a university is finally taking a moral stance regarding the student…..body.
At a Seasoned Citizen’s Bible class yesterday at Mountain View Christian Center, a discussion took place regarding the numerous pagan gods in Greece at the time of the philosophers. The instructor mentioned that there were so many that they even had a god of wine. Lindasue Sizuela who writes for the church newspaper, America’s Good News, pondered this for a moment, then said, “The god of wine was actually a spirit,” (Think about it) which was a MilesTone Moment if there ever was one.


President Ronald Reagan was asked this by an aide: “How did your meeting go this morning with Bishop TuTu?” “So so,” responded the prez without missing a beat…and…with a twinkle in his eyes.”

After seeking and finding something light-hearted before starting the day, your scribe is now ready to go.




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