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Sunday, December 22, 2013

General • It’s True—A Sow’s Ear Into a Pink Purse!

BETHLEHEM. There are those who uglify the world. (That sentence introduces a new word, courtesy of MilesTones.) They uglify cities, roadways, the neighborhoods they live in, themselves and everything and everyone they encounter. Pity that they have chosen to live that way.


Quick Pencil Sketch by Cathy Taibbi

Thankfully there are those who make the world more beautiful by their presence.  One of those choice vessels is Cathy Taibbi, an incredible artist and sculptor who has a deep heart for animals.

Cathy Taibbi who is a staunch advocate and defender of animals, was formerly a zoo keeper where she made friends with animals of all sizes. She wrote several papers for those in that profession. Today she is considered the leading wild life and environmental journalist who has been published on many sites. including The Examiner.

Her art work is exquisite plus she does portraits of animals. She can work with pencil, chalk on concrete, pen, and paint.  It is uncanny how she can capture the likeness of her subjects in minutes. This is a born talent. A gift.

Ms. Taibbi developed a love of horses from an early age, indeed was brought by her mother to see a performance of The Royal Lipizzaner Stallions in Madison Square Garden for which I was the narrator.

Come with me now for a special Christmas visit to A Little Town of Bethlehem (Georgia), which is not far from Atlanta.  Ms. Taibbi had settled in Georgia many years ago with a dream of constructing Hacienda la Escarcha which would be “for horse lovers, art lovers and anyone who loves the earth”. A place where art, horses and people, especially children including those with special needs, can come together to grow and create change. It is a place where wildlife comes to visit and birds sing. The property is being turned into a garden of peace.

She began by buying a plot of land at Bethlehem which looked a little scruffy. It was her sow’s ear to become a silk purse. Beginning with her own money, the work began. The construction brought a lot of attention as area people drove by, stopped, and went on the property to inquire. They were all encouraged by seeing this great improvement to the land and the area in general.

The visitors were very happy to see that a beautiful cultural center was being built, in their town, where people could take classes in art and horse back riding.

Yes, Cathy Taibbi does indeed bring beauty to the area she is in, and life in general.

It is very worthwhile to check the link below to take a look at what is going on. The link not only shows the improvements on the former sow’s ear she purchased, but some of her art work including a horse sketch she did with a rock on concrete. This should stimulate all of us to make the world better by our presence, to bring joy to people.

This column will support the beautifiers over the uglyfiers anytime. Check out the link below, click on or cut and paste. and

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