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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

General • TV’s Animal Planet - Cruel Fakery for Money

Animal lovers rejoiced when the new network, Animal Planet made its debut. It originally showed the beauty of the animal world with such personalities as Steve Irwin who seemed to communicate with all types of creatures even though at times it seemed he took some unnecessary and careless risks.


When Irwin died, that network lost its dignity, integrity, indeed its very soul, replacing the joy of animals with foulmouthed “personalities” who now mistreat animals in order to stage situations that will make its television programs more entertaining. And that includes killing so-called “pests” for no reason but to appeal to those ghoulish viewers who find a perverse thrill in all killing, maiming, even torturing.

There will always be an audience for that sort of thing as evidenced by the “snuff films” where people pay up to $400.00 to see a human actually killed in an unexpected surprise situation. Those screenings are done in the utmost of secrecy. We are living in a very sick world.

The magazine, Mother Jones (bless her soul) has taken a stand for animals with a feature story by James West who conducted a seven-month investigation into the workings of Animal Planet (Discovery Communications) produced by New York’s Sharp Entertainment which has uncovered shocking facts about that operation.

One thing for certain, those “reality shows” such as “Call of the Wildman” are not.  According to Mr. West, Animal Planet obtained a number of bats—a protected species in Texas—to be placed inside a Houston Hair Solon to be “rescued” by the show’s star, Ernie Brown, Jr., a.k.a.Turtleman. A fake event staged at the expense of the bats. Most of the bats died and exterminators were hired by Animal Planet to remove them from the premises.

As Edward Mainwaring of posted, “Given the serious threats to bats from the disease white nose syndrome (which has decimated the bat population) it is disheartening to learn of this mistreatment of these animals for such a frivolous purpose.”

Three baby raccoons were purposely starved and emaciated to the point of death for the filming. The Kentucky Wildlife Center was able to save two of their lives.

The reports state that the show hires professional trappers to catch animals that can then be re-caught (painfully) as part of these phony ‘reality’ shows.  “During the filming of another episode of Call of the Wildman,” Mr. Mainwaring writes, “the producers allegedly drugged a zebra in order to film a segment where the zebra is chased by a flatbed truck. Antics like this might be funny to some viewers, but people who care about animal welfare would find this type of mistreatment to be repugnant.”

Kentucky Wildlife Resources saw footage of the above mentioned Brown-Turtleman catching a deer in a consignment store, another bogus staging.  Department spokesman, Mark Marraccini wrote a letter addressed to Ernie Brown Jr., stating that, “Our regulation…prohibits a NWCO (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator) from taking white-tailed deer unless specifically authorized by the Commissioner.  Also state law…makes it illegal for any person to take, pursue, or attempt to take or pursue, or otherwise molest an elk, deer, wild turkey, or bear in a manner contrary to the Department’s regulations. Such action may result in the revocation of your NWCO permit…for a minimum of three years and/or a criminal citation.”

Dan Adler,  a senior vice president with the Animal Planet production company totally denies everything and said that “This show saves animals” while the producers, Sharp Entertainment, told Mother Jones, “All animals were handled legally by licensed wildlife personnel while on set.”  How’s that again?  Isn’t that similar to the American Humane Association (who are paid handsomely for their ‘endorsement’)  with a credit after each movie stating that “No Animals Were Harmed?”  When they were?

Too late. The documentation has been gathered. The truth is out and cannot be denied. Animal Planet is all about making money at the expense of animals. Our appreciation to James West for breaking this story in Mother Jones along with those who picked up on it so that everyone can be aware of the heartless actions of these ‘entertainment’ corporations.

(Photo Above-Unsafe Planet for Animals)
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