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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

General • After Lunch—Caught! Washington Post’s Deliberate Omision

The Democrat-Socialist-backed Washington Post has entered the fray of a First Amendment battle to remove all symbols of the Christian Faith from public view, based on “an offensive” cross placed on a rock in a remote area of the Mohave Desert. This forerunner of a legal move to tear down all crosses from view including those in the National Cemeteries heads for The United States Supreme Court next week.

The liberal Washington Post reported this morning that a battle is heating up in the Mojave Desert over a cross that was erected to honor the dead of World War 1. The cross in question is a historic secular tribute with the original plaque from the 1930’s. The cross was erected in 1934 and became a monument to honor the dead of all wars.

Veterans have moved to the desert because doctor’s had suggested the climate helpful for vets who suffer shell shock or respiratory problems from the war they fought in. The cross not only provides comfort to them but it has been the site of Easter sunrise services.

Since it sits on federal land, it has been judged to be an unconstitutional display of government favoritism of one religion over another. So, the dangerous Christian symbol has been covered with plywood so it cannot be seen. The case has been brought by the ACLU along with Jewish and Muslim veterans and is heading to The Supreme Court.

As usual, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said ‘yes’ to the complaint that this cross violates the Constitutional Establishment Clause. While the decision is being appealed, the cross was covered first by a tarpaulin bag, and now is covered by a plywood box.

The dirtiest trick of all is that the ACLU recruited one Frank Buono, who identifies himself as a Catholic who would testify that he was offended by the cross and then said that the cross means a great deal to him, “But it isn’t right that the symbol of my religion…or any religion, be permanently affixed to federal land,” saith he.

This is a common practice of the Marxists, to recruit misfits who claim to be Christian, to bolster their case against God. Yes recruited…just like they recruited that teacher to be a plaintiff in the Scopes Monkey Trial and coaxed him what to do in order to push the atheistic evolution theory. And for the record, the ACLU Comrades made the contact with him in a drugstore. These are the tactics to confer legitimacy to the case.

To boost their goal of forbidding any signs of Christianity or the spoken name of Jesus, The Washington Post reports that this (the Supreme Court hearing next week) “is the first major chance to define the meaning of the First Amendment command that; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” 

Hold on there—that is NOT a sentence ending in a period…but A COMMA! The socialist Washington Post deliberately leaves out the rest of the sentence which clearly states,  “....or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  This makes a lot of difference in what that law actually says. 

Yes, The Washington Post has been CAUGHT in the continuing web of deception that the liberals continue to spin with their tenticles ready to grab and squeeze the minds of those who come close enough to believe their scheming deceit. We pray that the Supreme Court will uphold the principles of the Founding Fathers who declared this nation to be A Nation of Freedom….especially freedom of religion and not “prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” a point that the Marxist Liberals try to hide.





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