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Thursday, July 10, 2014

General • Guest Joe Otto on Border Patrol Arresting Veteran’s Wife

This follows up yesterdays story which told of mistreatment of veterans being denied even pain killers. Obama is cutting pay and benefits for soldiers, yet gives huge amounts of money to finance future Democrat voters who illegally cross the border. Obama supports them and provides medical care to them while withholding medical care from veterans. According to several news sources, an office has been set up in Mexico City where those who want to come to America are given pamphlets with maps telling them how to beat the system and do it. Joe Otto’s story that just broke yesterday tells more of the head scratching decisions made by the Obama Administration. This complete letter sent by Mr. Otto to Conservatives will make your blood boil.

Dear Conservative,

This isn’t a joke. We are literally watching this country’s fall from grace. We are watching Democrats and RINOs in Washington surrender this country to a group of illegal aliens who want to bleed us dry.

Every day, hundreds of illegal aliens enter this country with the deliberate goal of getting apprehended by border patrol agents. Why? Because these illegals know that if they can get detained and follow the scripts given to them by their smugglers, they can get amnesty. They can get released and put on a Greyhound bus to anywhere they want in the country.

The fact that we are catching these people illegally entering the country and just letting them go is absolutely LUDICROUS! The United States of America is being invaded by literally hundreds of thousands of unskilled illegal aliens who want nothing more than for the American people to subsidize their existence. And to top it all off, there are hundreds of gang members slipping through among the women and children seeking “asylum.” We know that these teenagers are in gangs because we can tell by their gang tattoos and criminal histories. However, the Obama administration is just letting them in!

It is important to note, however, that when the Democrats talk about “immigration reform,” they aren’t talking about immigration from Europe and Asia… The Democrats just want to give amnesty to Hispanics from Central and South American because with every illegal alien crossing the border, the Democrats see a future liberal voter. This is absolutely shameful!

I want to take the time to tell you the story of Bryan Price and Oleksandra Bronova. Bryan Price is a U.S. Marine veteran who married his wife Oleksandra, a Ukrainian national. The two are legally married, however after violence broke out in Ukraine this past spring, the two fled the violence and relocated to Mexico.

Oleksandra Bronova graduated from Cambridge University. She speaks five languages and could be a productive member of whatever country would take her in. She literally had to flee a civil war and hoped that having legitimately married an American, she could immigrate legally to the United States.

Seeing everything that was going on at the border, how illegal aliens being let into the country no-questions-asked, Bryan and Oleksandra gathered up their belongings and headed to the nearest border crossing. Upon reaching the crossing, the two handed the border patrol agent their marriage certificate and a binder full of documents proving that Oleksandra was a refugee fleeing her war-torn country.

However, unlike the Hispanic children who were being let into the country scott-free, Oleksandra was immediately handcuffed by border patrol and separated from her husband.

The couple had planned on trying to get a special entry into the United States, and if things went wrong, the two planned to return to their home in Mexico to try a different approach. They never got that opportunity. Rather than being turned away, Oleksandra was arrested and she has spent the past two weeks in a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON!

Tell Congress to intervene and stop the Obama administration from holding Oleksandra Bronova in a maximum-security prison while gang members are being set free! So let’s get this straight… a Hispanic mother comes to the country and gets a slap on the wrist and a Greyhound ticket to anywhere in the country. But when a Marine veteran’s wife, a refugee from a war-torn country, comes with legitimate paperwork to try and enter the country, she gets thrown in a maximum-security Prison?

This couple didn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t sneak into the country… they approached a border checkpoint with documents in hand in search of help. If they were denied, they planned on returning to Mexico and seeking help through other channels. And instead of welcoming this Cambridge graduate and veteran’s wife into the country, we threw her in the worst prison we possibly could…This is shameful! What is wrong with this country? Where did we go wrong?

Words can’t describe how angry I am at how the Obama administration is handling this border crisis. The fact that 300,000 illegal aliens have been caught-and-released since APRIL is shocking. But what is even worse is the fact that while Democrats are chomping at the bit to hand out lollipops to illegal aliens (aka future Democrat voters), legitimate immigrants like Oleksandra are being refused entry.

This woman didn’t try to break into this country. She hasn’t asked for a handout or government assistance. She doesn’t want ANYTHING from you and I, other than a chance to live out her life with her American husband away from war-torn Ukraine.

And instead of hearing her out and putting her in touch with someone who could help, she was arrested and thrown into a maximum-security prison. This woman doesn’t belong in prison… she belongs at home with her husband!

When we focused on the military father who was going to lose custody of his daughter because he was deployed and couldn’t appear in court, we got tons of like-minded Conservatives to hammer Congress with thousands of faxes. And that ultimately got the attention of a handful of Congressmen who got involved in the case.

We need to do the same thing here! We need everyone to stand up and call attention to the hypocrisy of the Democrats’ amnesty push. This isn’t about fixing our immigration system. If it was, Oleksandra Bronova wouldn’t be in a maximum-security prison simply because she asked to be admitted into the United States!

Tell Congress to intervene and STOP the Obama administration from holding Oleksandra Bronova in a maximum-security prison while gang members are being set free!

Saddened by the state of our country,
Joe Otto
Conservative Daily




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