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Friday, September 19, 2014

Society • Commentary: Ferguson Shooting-The Rest of The Story

FERGUSON,MO (9/19/14)—Are you as sick and tired as I am of seeing daily “news” references to the Ferguson, Missouri shooting, proclaiming that a WHITE police officer shot and killed an unarmed BLACK teenager? I have seen at least 23 of these repeats, with exactly the same words, especially by the Associated Press that is firing all barrels to deliberately agitate this situation to cause dissension between blacks and whites.

It was during that horrific attack upon Police Officer Darren Wilson by this 6"4, 292 pound teen, Michael Brown, who had forced his way into the police car to attack Officer Wilson, which almost cost him his right eye and possibly his life.

Brown also tried to wrestle the officer’s gun from him. That is when the fatal shots were fired by Officer Wilson after retrieving his service pistol. This was NOT murder, but a legitimate act of self defense.

Yet Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Obama cometh forth—front and center, to demand action against Officer Wilson and provoke riots.

Unarmed? No, this teen’s body was a deadly weapon, and he reportedly was high on drugs.  This is a lot different than the liberal media version, precisely worded to cause unrest in America by turning the races against one another, constantly hammering over and over that: ‘A white police officer killed this unarmed black teenager who had a great future ahead of him and had just graduated from high school.’ And tragically, this could have been.

Where was Holder, Jackson, Sharpton and Obama when a 13 month old white child named Antonio West was deliberately shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens while attempting to rob his mother, who was also shot by them? None of these are rushing to Brunswick, Georgia to demonstrate and demand “justice” for little Antonio and his mother. They WERE unarmed and truly innocent victims. But since they were white, that didn’t count.

Mr. Obama did not take one single moment to even acknowledge this brutal murder of a little white toddler by blacks, nor did he say that ‘this could have been MY child because he looks like me.’ This all seems to be a bit out of balance.

Neither of these situations had to happen. The division of races by the ravings of the media, Jackson, Sharpton and Obama must stop. A person is a person, period. The only race we are part of is the human race and we should regard all as such. The hand-held fans the media uses to maximize the flames of hatred must be taken out of their hands.

Without this planned unrest, destabilization and planned hatred of the races by the Communists, assisted by their media puppets, blacks and whites could get along fine, work together and live peacefully in the same neighborhoods. We can and must strive for that.




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