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Saturday, October 17, 2009

MilesTones • News of The Weekend—Rush Hush—Naked Musical-Moon Over Germany

Rush Limbaugh is sore that his bid to buy the NFL St. Louis Rams, was blocked by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and union leader DeMaurice Smith, all accusing him of being a racist. Rush shouldn’t feel so bad about it. The Rams are not really hall of famers. Besides, he can always buy the LFL—The all women ‘Lingerie Football League. See story about them on this website….and there’s more….

Irish reflections: Today, Notre Dame plays USC…the closest thing to the Catholic/Protestant clash in America. For the non-Irish…Notre Dame was a Catholic founded university and USC (University of Southern California) was founded as a Methodist university. And by the way…most Irish people (in Ireland) have never eaten Corn Beef & Cabbage! That’s an American concoction.

One more thing about Ireland which the publication, “Irish Central,” makes us aware of (arrrrgh!..didn’t mean to end a sentence in a preposition!). Dentists over the pond think they’re running jewelry stores. A man took his two sons to the dentist, they were in the chair for 20 minutes and were charged $200.00. That would add up to $14,000 a week. Looks like those Irish dentists are pulling more than teeth. No wonder it is called The Emerald Isle.

In the Bremen Theatre in the city by that name, they are staging the rock musical, ” Naked”. Yep…the cast is. A dilligent PR man devised a gimmick to draw attention to the show, advertising that any one who comes to the theater nude (stark naked), will see the musical free. As you may have noticed through MilesTones, Germany has a thing about running around Nude. The theatre was so flooded with nudists wanting to attend free, that no paying customers could get in, so they had to discontinue the offer. As theatre officials declared…“There was a disproportionate interest from nudist organizations.” Another problem with that promotion; with all that would be displayed in the audience, who would bother to look at the stage?

For other German News as reported by, “The Local”,  a big dispute over “art” is raging in Bavaria. A genius artist there created and placed 1250 garden gnomes throughout the town of Straubing,with their stubby right hands up stiffly in a Zieg Heil Nazi salute. It didn’t take the aritistic prize for popularity.

Moon over Germany: This one may get some cheers. A drunk 22 year old student intended to travel by train from Hamburg to Bremen. Midway in the trip the ticket inspector found he did not have one, plus, he was smoking. So he got booted off the train. In retaliation, while the train was in the station, the tipsy student dropped his trousers and pressed his exterior against the window of the railcar of the crew. The train suddenly began to move forward toward it’s Bremen destination….the student’s pants got caught on the railcar, he fell off and was pulled 200 meters down the track before someone noticed and pulled the emergency brake cord. He was bruised, scraped and burned. That’s what you call getting the buns rush.

One wit responding to the article in the German paper, The Local, suggested that he was “hoisted by his own petard.” Another proclaimed that this gives a new meaning to, dragging your a….............ahhh forget it!

With this kind of thing happening in Germany, perhaps this is why 3-fourths of German train stations “are wheel chair accessible.”

Since the student was on his way to Bremen, MilesTones can’t help but wonder if he was going there to check out the the rock musical, “‘Naked.”         




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