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Monday, October 26, 2009

Society • Shut Down Government BEFORE Constitutional Crisis!

It is on its way whether we like it or not. America is facing a Constitutional Crisis that has already begun. Voices are becoming more insistent that Obama prove that he was born in The United States of America. There are also talks of treason and impeachment.

According to the Constitution, one cannot even run for President of The United States unless he or she is a natural born citizen.  Obama’s backers managed to bypass that proof of eligibility as they ushered him into the Highest Office with the help of Acorn and other organizations working to make America a Marxist Socialist State. Interesting, they put John McCain through the wringer to make sure his birth place was legit.

The people of America did NOT vote Barack Hussein Obama in. His handlers had set up Grants Park in Chicago for the election night Victory Party and even put up over a million dollars to secure it….months BEFORE the election even took place. It was a done deal from the beginning when Obama was sent to Harvard and groomed to bring this country under communist rule. It has all been meticulously planned over a long period of time.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Obama has paid over $1.4 million to lawyers to block and prevent any of his papers from being released including a certified birth certificate, passports which would give a history of his travels and citizenship information and his college records which would show who put him through Harvard to prepare him for this Marxist takeover of America.

It has been shown that Obama was born in Kenya, a country rejoicing that a Kenyan is in the Oval Office. See the stories on this website.

Many of the courts in Amerca, with the help of wealthy humanists-atheists, are now peopled by ACLU judges.  This is not idle talk. I once was brought before a court in a purely bogus politcal case before a card carrying ACLU judge who was a former card carrying communist. 

These judges, like the one I faced, are hostile, rude and totally unprofessional. They hate non-communists and especially Christians. Again these statements are fact based on first hand experience.

This is the kind of judge that attorney Orly Taitz faced in Georgia when she appeared before U.S. District Judge Clay Land with a lawsuit asking for a court order for Obama to produce his birth certificate. It was a legitimate case and the papers were filed properly.

Reading the court records of that case proved to be astonising. Judge Land was not only sarcastic, rude and belittling, he also fined Ms. Taitz $20,000 for, as the judge opined, bringing a ‘frivolous lawsuit.’  Frivolous?  He was obviously very angry that anyone would so much as question the man Acorn worked so hard to put in office.

Ms. Taitz is appealing that appalling ruling resulting in the $20,000 fine against her and will take the case to another court. If the American people do the right thing, and back Ms. Taitz and her case, it is entirely possible that Obama will be declared a fraudulent President and removed from office.

This will mean that every appointment he made while falsely occupying that office will be null and void. When that happens, there will be racist accusations to stir up the public (which the communist are [and] have been instigating all along) and there will be fighting and killing in the streets, UNLESS we shut down the government first….that means NOW to start getting things in order BEFORE the crisis.

If we do not take this action in advance, a civil war will begin. Then the constitutional crisis will explode, throwing us into chaos, completing the destruction of America and with the confusion, the communists will still take over the country.

If the court case doesn’t play out, Obama rightly can be impeached for mishandling the country’s finances that has already placed our country beholden to other countries such as China. Due to Obama, our country is now in the worst financial position it has been in since its founding. He has plunged us into over a trillion dollar debt. Space does not permit me to define what a trillion dollars means. It is massive.

Obama has proved to be the most inept president ever in office.  All across the country, cries of ‘impeachment’ are multiplying over his mishandling of the country he was sworn to protect. Not only has he not protected us, he has comforted our enemies, turned our finances over to a world body and in his recent trip to Amsterdam, he has agreed for the United States to be part of the One World Order.  There are countless valid reasons for his impeachment, which may be necessary for our survival. This too will cause fighting in the streets.

America must put full effort into avoiding this disaster. Our very survival as a country and as a people depends upon those in the government who have not sold out to Obama’s Marxist Socialist goals and will take a stand now.

A constitutional crisis is going to happen one way or the other. The only way for us to prepare for and to survive as a soverign nation, is to immediately shut down the government with full effort made to settle these issues once and for all before the crisis, not after it. That is the one thing that will prevent fighting in the streets and anarchy which will happen otherwise.

Rev. Austin Miles has been behind the iron curtain and has seen first hand what life is like in a communist controlled country. He was also in Cuba when the uprising began for the communists to put Fidel Castro in power—they stirred up the same kind of unrest to accomplish this as they are now doing in the U.S., and also in Rome at the time of a major clash organized by the communist party which set fires to cars and shops. He does not want to see this happen in America.




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