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Monday, December 29, 2014

Society • Buffalo Herd Reacts to Wedding

FREMONT, CA (12/28/14) Animals, both big and small, are very attuned to the spiritual world and yes, to God Himself. That is not exaggerated. I once had a poodle that would come to me and ask for prayer when he was sick. This is detailed in my upcoming book.


Then comes a display by a herd of buffalo that gives a remarkable insight into the personalities of even huge creatures that few people actually get to know or observe up close.

On December 13th, I did a wedding, which made the official date 12/13/14. Neat. The service took place in the Fremont Hills, WAY UP in the Fremont hills at a very large ranch. The bride worked for the owner of the ranch at his home mortgage business in a Northern California office. He provided the ranch, a big elegant white tent with windows for the event, and the caterers who supplied the food.

Driving through the gates onto the ranch I was greeted by a herd of buffalo who greeted me with curiosity. They could be seen out the windows behind the stage where I would be officiating and the side of the tent. As the ceremony began, the buffalo all simultaneously laid down and remained there for the entire ceremony, which was seen by all in attendance.

Afterwards, 2 people witnessing this event along with the owner of the herd told me the exact same thing: Buffalo NEVER sit or lie down. It was as though they sensed that something very special was going on. And indeed there was. The groom had been ill for many years, so much so that he had to postpone my meeting with him and his bride twice. He had been in poor health since the age of 19.

After we did get together to prepare the wedding, I anointed him with oil and with the others present joining in, prayed that God would give him new strength and that he would recover. It was also prayed that God would grant him the best night’s sleep (that night) that he had ever had.

Before the wedding a chair was placed on the side of the platform where he could sit.

However, the groom had found new strength after our visit, entered, and stood for the entire ceremony, and made the formal exit with the party after the ceremony with no problem. And the presence of God was felt by all the guests. He also testified that [that] night after our meeting, he, in his own words, “Slept like a baby all night.” God is faithful.

Perhaps the buffalo sensed that sacredness and responded. My upcoming book shows that animals are very attuned to things we are not and seem to be able to look into the spiritual world.  Wow!

The story above is not in my upcoming book, “Angels Unawares-4 Legged ones,” with the subtitle, “What the Church Didn’t Teach Me I Learned From my Poodle,” since it just happened earlier this month. But there are plenty of other examples spotlighted that clearly prove that point.

NOTE: The Buffalo sketch above was done in pen and ink by superb artist, Cathy Taibbi, while a zookeeper in Atlanta. Ms. Taibbi bonded with the buffalo named Effie, shown in the sketch with her calf. Effie’s mate was named Bill. Yep, Buffalo Bill. Ms. Taibbi is also a remarkable sculptress. She does great animal portraits. Her website is:


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