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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Society • The Latest Obama Warm Yarn

WASHINGTON, DC (4/9/15) The Global Warming threat, if not stopped, will cause serious health problems. Thus the latest Obama flatulence (which might in itself legitimately cause serious global warming) which was expelled on Wednesday.


It is proclaimed that Obama has taken steps to curb the pollution that is causing the man-made global warming that will fry us all alive. Yep, he is our hero.

This latest foretold emergency of incoming infectious diseases, due to Global Warming, explains why we need a world tax to stop it. This will be worked out by the UN, making all rulers unspeakably rich with trillions of dollars, enabling them to take control of every city, town, and hamlet on earth while at the same time putting Obama on the throne as a universal emperor.  See previous story on this tactic by going to:  http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/miles/150408     

Laying out the expected horrors of this impending disaster, a round-table discussion took place yesterday, Wednesday, with Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon general, on the impact of climate change. Obama included the risk of more wildfires sending more pollution into the air, allergy seasons growing longer and rising cases of insect-borne diseases.

His press secretary, the Associated Press,  reports on this statement by Obama at that meeting:  Global warming is not just affecting the weather, its harming the health of all Americans.  Read that carefully.

Quick question: If this is a matter of GLOBAL warming, would it not be a health threat to ALL people on earth?  This proclamation by Obama and his press puppets adds yet another layer of suspicion on this scientific quackery for profit, aided and abetted by the Liberal Communist media.

The occupier of the white House speaks about this emergency cordoning us off from air, and that the health system of the nation must prepare for a warmer, more erratic climate.  This will, saith he, have real impact on the body, like more asthma attacks which will in turn trigger lost time at work and school, as well as allergic reactions, heat related deaths and injuries from extreme weather.

Of course, a stop can be put to these perils by accepting the yarn Obama is spinning that in allowing a global tax to be levied on the entire population of the world, the problem will be fixed.  That tax would be used to create a system that would provide early warnings of infectious diseases that would break out if climate change worsens.

This is the yarn being spun and peddled to America and the world. Those uninformed will be moved to buy and support it.You owe it to yourself to see more on this subject, study it and learn, for your own protection.

Check out the story by Desmond McGraph who has written an important report with factual documentation regarding this hoax and the history of how this idea got started and by whom. Take the time to read it which will amaze you. You can read the story at:

Even though the imposter at the White House proclaims how man-made global warming will affect us all, Obama himself will also be engulfed in flames, not here on earth, but in the pits of hell where he originated.
Photo Caption: Obama in Global Warming Flames    
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