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Saturday, June 13, 2015


TO READERS OF THIS SITE: While doing a funeral service this morning in Northern California, our 4 millionth visitor came to this website:


Why and how has this site become the go-to news site? First of all, the truth of what is really going on is revealed, something you do not get in your newspapers or TV news reports. The secular media gives only a general idea of the news, but distorts it to serve the Communist political agenda, and to back a “leader” of their choice that will advance their cause as we have seen demonstrated.

Any news event that attracts our interest propels us to research to learn what is really going on. The American media, with the exception of The Wall Street Journal, distorts the news to mislead the people, inflating numbers, and issues such as:” Majority of Americans now Support Same Sex Marriage.” F A L S E!

This is to empower sexual activities clearly condemned in The Bible to deceive the people into believing that “Society has changed with the times so we might as well get with it.” This of course, thwarts any resistance to the One World Order dictatorship. And this ploy also undermines the church, the Bible and Christianity itself which has no place in a Communist controlled nation.

When a topic is of interest, we then check the London Newspapers and websites where one gets a more accurate picture, especially, The Daily Mail.  For example: when that sexually confused co-pilot of that German airline deliberately crashed the plane in the Alps, killing every passenger and crew member including himself at the controls, we first learned from the Daily Mail that the co-pilot was being heralded ON ISLAMIC WEBSITES as an Islamic saint favored by Allah for killing ‘the enemy.’  No other newspaper or news site in America would reveal that connection, except, for this website.

This is why the internet is in Obama’s crosshairs, as he desperately attempts to gain government control of the web (censorship) or to abolish it altogether. He considers bloggers a threat to his goals.

Yes, some bloggers abuse their privilege by circulating bizarre stories, some absolute lies, but those can be detected and exposed rapidly.

There are good reliable websites where the spotlight is on truth such as: http://www.RenewAmerica.com ; http://www.WorldNetDaily.com ; http://www.capitolhilloutsider.com;  http://www.LifeNews.com ; http://www.americanprophet.com , an excellent site at: http://www.americanprophet.org ; Independent Journalism Review which we read daily at: http://www.IJReview.com ; Kelleigh Nelson’s site that tells it like it is: http://www.exposingmodernmugwumps.com , and of course, http://www.revaustinmiles.com .

Another reason of the success of this website is that we take no advertising. Nothing irritates me more than clicking on a story and just as I begin reading it, an advertising notice pops up in my face invading the screen and shattering all concentration. What is more, some of those you cannot get rid of.  I have cancelled subscriptions immediately over this.

This is not a brief against advertising on your sites (except in-your-face pop-ups) since many ads I have seen on blogs are placed with class and do not interfere with the content. This is my personal choice due to the way my site is constructed.

This website is a no-frills one, simply put together (but very effective) and costs little to maintain. Our webmaster, Timothy Vaughn Jr., a highly skilled computer technician, donates his services to us. So since we do not send out newsletters to huge numbers of people, we can keep operating expenses to a bare minimum.

One offer was to put ads on both sides of the text (no pop-ups) and a couple in the text itself. Yes, we could make a lot of money, especially the way this site has taken off.  HOWEVER, it appeared that many advertisers felt they would be able to have a say in the content. This will NEVER happen on this site.

Plus, this would mean new configuration of our blog. No thanks. We are doing just fine with the very basic site that is reaching the world.

To our faithful readers: THANK YOU for your loyalty to this site, which at this moment has: 4,027,300 visitors. CHEERS! And do check out the sites listed above. They are all solid and informative. Knowledge is our most important weapon.
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