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Friday, June 19, 2015

Religion • Satanists’ Disruption of My Church Thwarted!

Two of Satan’s representatives barged into my church last Sunday, June 14th, near the end of the service. They obviously planned to do some mischief to unsettle the congregation. They were in their late teens, or early 20s with fuzz beards, one with a goatee. They were of mixed heritage.

I had made my way across the lobby to the powder room (as they called in more proper times) as the final worship song had begun.

Coming out I was confronted by two white punks on bicycles. They had satanic tattoos on their arms, upper chest and neck.  They apparently had just hastily entered, leaving tire tracks on the floor of the lobby where they had skidded to a stop when they came nose to nose with me. They were in motion to enter the sanctuary.  One came closer toward me with a snarl on his face, and said, “Is this a satanic church?”

Having spent the last three months recovering from severe injuries as the result of a fall, I was still using a cane, in physical therapy, a bit wobbly, with my legs and overall body weak.

HOWEVER, it happened exactly as when I have performed services during this time. An anointing comes over me fusing me with strength and steadiness, leaving no clue of being temporarily handicapped.

Feeling God’s presence come over me, I straightened up to full height took a step closer and replied to the question: “NO…this is NOT a satanic church.” The one closest to me started backing up and said, “The satanic church has been a big help to me, is there one around here?”  The response to that was Probably in San Francisco, but not here.

My voice was firm and there was no concern that they might try to attack me. I was filled with The Holy Spirit and they sensed it as they turned and quickly made their way out the door. A young girl who saw this came over to me as they left and said that she had seem them a couple of times before, checking out our church.

Let’s be clear. This was not just a couple of punks. These were representatives of Satan himself who is becoming bolder because America is sleeping, steering away from God and buying into the planted idea that Satan does not exist, except in the minds of the dim witted. The atheists actually laugh at the idea of a devil. We have gotten away from biblical teaching which gives advantage to the enemy.

Consider this.  Evil has so increased that now we are seeing evil for the sake of evil.  A recent case in Discovery Bay, California was the murder of a six year old boy by a friend of his brother who had allowed him to sleep over at the family home.  The six year old was stabbed to death during the night.  And why did the teenager do this? He told the police that he’ just wanted to see what it was like to kill someone.’

This is pure evil that could only have come from the pits of hell. We are putting God and the church in the afterthoughts of our minds, distancing ourselves from the close relationship with Him that is vital for our lives. This is what has emboldened the devil. This is why evil has increased so dramatically.

This past Wednesday June 17th, a 21 year old man, Dylann Storm Roof, consumed with racial hatred in his heart, went to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina where a Bible study and prayer meeting was taking place.

He packed a 45 caliber pistol in his pants. He sat in the back pew for the entire hour for the meeting. As congregants got up to leave at the end of the service, he opened fire, killing 9 people including the beloved pastor who had welcomed him, and leaving others seriously wounded.  For what reason? These were good church people who were praying for others.

Obama and others quickly exclaimed that this was a racist attack, that ‘racism has not changed in America.’ No, this was not a racist attack.  This was an attack by another of Satan’s representatives on earth. Yes, this misguided man did hate black people, but where does such hatred and violent behavior originate?  Only from one place.

It is the enemy who stirs and agitates extreme hatred to invade someone’s conscience with the goal to have the hatred acted upon along with the emotions that accompany it. This is how the enemy recruits you to do evil for him. Don’t be dumb enough to fall for it. Instead of being rewarded, you will spend a horrible eternity in hell.

The shooter, under satanic influence, curiously named Dylann STORM ROOF, took the bait and signed on the bottom line to become a servant of Satan who hates any church that preaches love and Jesus.That was the actual target set up, not blacks. Hatred comes only from the enemy who hopes that it will overtake your mind and heart to compel you to do his bidding.

Two attacks on churches took place within a few days. Fortunately the intended attack on one of them was thwarted.
Preachers, start preaching against Satan again. Expose him. Why has this teaching been silenced in our churches?  God did not say to keep Satan a secret. Encourage your flocks to have a closer intimate relationship with Our Lord. Be strengthened by His Holy Spirit. Pray earnestly.

Obama is the most immoral,dishonest, anti-God, occupant of the White House in history. He is doing his assigned work to destroy the Christians, our churches and to strip all morals from society knowing that slumbering citizens will not challenge him. Come to think about it, those are exactly the strategies of the enemy. The two are on the same side. They both can be stopped by recommitting ourselves to God. Pastors, awaken your congregations.

Keep your own mind and conscience pure. Whenever we are tempted to hate anyone take a stand against the enemy. He is the author of hatred. Do not let allow him to recruit you by putting hatred in your heart.  Stand up for righteousness, do not flinch, and be not a sluggard and just let things be. Pray, contact your representatives regarding these issues. If enough Christians do so, things will start to change.

Final Note: A woman in the church I attend, upon learning about this, said to me: “When he asked if this was a satanic church, I would have said, Oh no, in this church we learn about love, goodness and salvation.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.




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