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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

General • Obama Got His Bows In An Uproar

Obama has stirred up an uproar over his bows.  He has twice performed a condescending bow to leaders of another nation. The first was to a Muslim leader in Saudi, Arabia during the G-2 Summit this past April, which established the fact that we are all subjects of Islam, since only SUBJECTS bow to rulers.

Then this past Saturday he bowed deeply to the Japanese Emperor, Akihito and his wife, Empress Michito. No American president has ever done this. This is another first with Obama as president. He really got his bows in an uproar

President Barack Obama deeply bows to the Japanese emperor and Empress on Saturday, the first American president in history to do so.
(The Photo of this cowardly display could not be transferred to this website. .You can see it on my blog at, go to blogs box then find story.)

If this isn’t bad enough, The One just appointed a devout Sunni Muslim to be Assistant Secretary to the Department of Homeland Security.  How’s that again?? Has it been a week yet since Ft. Hood? 

This appointment was met by cheers of CAIR and Muslims everywhere. Terrorists have been emboldened by Obama’s actions and know that through him, they have already won the war aganist America, the country with a president who hates America as much as they do and everything it stands for. 

We have seen photos of The One refusing to salute the flag, or put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. He just stands somberly with his folded hands over his crotch, not even looking at the flag.

The last time he showed our country such disrespect was this past Veteran’s Day during a memorial for those who were killed and wounded by a ‘trusted Muslim’ at….Ft. Hood!  That photo is posted with another story on my blog section of,

And this MUST be noticed. In a Russian ceremony he placed his hand over his heart respectfully as the Russian National Anthem was played. The same in Africa. All countries are shown this respect by The Pretender who managed to get in the Oval Office….that is…all countries EXCEPT America for which he displays not too subtle contempt. 

Americans better start THINKING and making some moves. Having a showdown on his place of birth is a good start. 





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