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Friday, November 20, 2009

General • For Obama—A Trillion Dollars Is A Drop in The Bucket

Obama’s Healthkill Scheme that he plans to push through tomorrow, Saturday, will cost taxpayers $2.5 trillion. Does anyone have any idea of how much ONE trillion dollars would be?

Joe Ambroso, one of the columnists for The Examiner (International web news organization) explains what this means for our out-of-control deficit spending:

“A friend recently gave me a sense of how much a trillion is with an illustration you can also find on various Internet sites. A million seconds, he said, is 12 days, while a billion seconds is 31 years. A trillion seconds? That’s 31,688 years. In other words, a trillion is a whole, whole lot, and that’s something you might keep in mind when reading that the U.S. deficit for 2009 is now projected at $1.4 trillion, which is a cool trillion more than the deficit in 2008 and the most government spending as a percentage of gross domestic product - 10 percent - since World War II.”

Obama, however is going beyond that to spend $2.5 trillion for his healthscare plan.  Where do we get the money? When China runs out, The One will simply print up more money….with absolutely nothing to back it with, paving the way for the total bankruptcy over-throw and collapse of America, which is the Marxist plan, and has been since 1900.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 21, 2009, the most inportant vote in decades is expected to be decided in the U.S. Senate…the socialized medicine legistation.

Christian Coaltion of America, asked this question: “Will America leave its roots and give up the freedom bestowed on Americans by our Founders by turning to socialism?”

That is exactly what the United States Senate will be voting on tomorrow morning, with determination to push the bill through, regardless of public opionion or desire for our country.

What is more, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada took out the pro-life amemdment that was put into the house bill by Congressman Bart Stupack, which was overwhelmingly passed

That amendment specifically stated, that abortion was not to be included in Obama’s plan. That inclusion was the exact amendment that allowed the House vote to succeed, even though by an extremely narrow margin.  It only passed because of that amendment. As soon as it did pass, the Dems went to work.

Even before the ink was dry on that amendment, the dems had already plotted to eliminate it from the bill as it went to The Senate. As one writer stated, Abortion is NOT health care. The majority of the public do not want abortion paid for by us….our taxes.

Tomorrow the left-wing democrat leaders are bringing the Obamacare bill to the Senate floor, which was cooked up by a handful of White House officials and democratic leader Harry Reid behind closed doors for several weeks without the imput of a single Republican and with no transparency whatsoever.

Didn’t “The One” promise us that his admistration would be transparent? Of course He did, along with dozens of other committments to the American people that he has failed to honor..

It is still time for all Americans to contact their Senators NOW, without delay,  to tell them “NO” on this health scheme madness. This bill must not be allowed to happen.







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