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Friday, September 4, 2015

Religion • Mike Huckabee Confronts Ky. Clerk’s Jailers

ASHLAND, Kentucky (9/4/15)-Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee is the ONLY politician to put everything on hold to assist a Kentucky County Clerk who has been wrongfully jailed specifically for her Christian Beliefs.

Obama, a product of electile dysfunction, would certainly not be bothered to step in, nor any others in D.C., including the woman’s fellow democrats. The only ones Obama will assist is anyone connected to LGBTQ.

Indeed, Mr. Huckabee made a personal phone call to her, to offer his prayers and support. He will personally visit her in jail this coming Tuesday, September the 8th.

Kim Davis is the court clerk for Rowan County in Kentucky. Her crime? She refused to issue marriage licenses to two same sex couples, which would conflict with her deeply held Christian beliefs. This resulted with dozens of same sex couples storming the clerk’s office yelling and screaming at her, disrupting the business of the day conducted by that office.

The two homosexual couples then rushed to nearby Morehead to file a complaint with U.S. District Judge David Bunning who was more than eager to haul Mrs. Davis to court and charge her with derelict of duty, or more accurately put, for being a Christian.

She stood firm, not giving in to compromising her beliefs. She was threatened with a year in jail but still stood firm. Then yesterday, September 3rd, marshals seized her, took her into custody and threw her in jail. What is worse, Judge Bunning stated that he will keep her in jail until she recants and agrees to issue marriage licenses to “gays.” And that is where she is today, in a jail cell.

This is an outrage that cannot nor WILL not be tolerated. This means one can be thrown in jail and remain there until you agree to do anything sodomites tell you to do. To force one to work for you is ‘servitude,’ which supposedly went out when slavery was ended.

And what on earth is with the American people? They appear to be hypnotized. Then again, people with low esteem will hop on the band wagon to “protect” gays, or anyone else to prove what good people they are.

It was astonishing to see Jimmy Fallon in his opening monologue mention that Kentucky now allows same sex marriage, which brought cheers from the audience. It was not just gays that cheered, but everyone else. With the help of the media, it just seems that this is the thing to do.

The Communist Liberal Press has added fuel to the fire by stating that Mrs. Davis had taken an oath to fulfill the duties of the office she was elected to serve.

NEWS FLASH! When she took that oath, the office served traditional marriage couples which, for centuries, have consisted of one man and one woman. She served her office faithfully.

HOWEVER: All those duties changed drastically when the Supreme Court voted, against the will of the people and the constitution, that sodomite “marriages” could take place, because,  they belched, that is their Constitutional right. (?)

Yes, Mrs. Davis swore to carry out the duties that were in place when she was elected, but those duties were absolutely not the same duties she agreed to uphold. That is a breach of contract. What is worse, she would have to affix her signature on that bogus and immoral marriage license indicating that she was endorsing it.

In a letter he sent out to supporters, Mr. Huckabee stated: “I am proud of Kim for standing strong for her beliefs. I am headed to Kentucky on Tuesday (September 8, 2015) to stand with Kim Davis. We must end this criminalization of Christianity!”

And here is his note about a petition now being signed that he will present to Kentucky officials. He needs 25,000 signatures to stop this madness.

“I stand with Kim Davis and every American of faith under attack by Washington elites who have nothing but disdain for us, our faith and the Constitution. If you stand with us, please sign my petition in support of religious liberty here:”

With gratitude,
Mike Huckabee

So please, sign this petition. Then, perhaps you will be stirred to join Mr. Huckabee in Kentucky on Tuesday to show strength against what is being forced upon us, which will only be stopped when we push back. That moment is here. This can be our Lexington (Mass) shot heard around the world.

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