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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Society • Review: Screen Actor’s Guild Awards Show SAGed !

It was a silence heard aroung the world. At least the awards show proved effective in staging a tragedy. It was so bad that nobody even mentioned it in the press. The critics refused to draw their pens to write a review of the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) effort. Instead, they slipped away quietly into the night following the worst presentation ever to fill a television screen. Somebody’s got to report on it. Somebody not involved in Hollywood’s liberal causes. That’s us. And this is one time that MilesTones is serious.

The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards Program that aired this last weekend, absolutely SAG-ed. Uneven,badly produced with actors who looked like a deer caught in the headlights as they accepted their ‘awards’ and who peppered their speechis with “um..uh…anduh…”

    Betty White received the lifetime achievment award and was funny, but she just had to add in some crude sexual inuendos that were not becoming. Drew Barrymore did a complete melt down, and for the first couple of minutes could not put a sentence together; On the verge of panic, she stammered uncomfortably and could only stutter, um…um, uh,um, um….uh. It was not an act .It was a true melt down. Other actors shown in the audience displayed an incredible attitude during the show.

  Then the “actors” couldn’t read the teleprompter which they obviously were dependant upon. One FEMALE ACTOR, realized that she couldn’t read the teleprompter without her glasses which she had failed to bring and asked the male cohost to read her part. Absolutely amateurish.  Perhaps all the present day “actors” should attend Obama’s Teleprompter Reading Class. Now that would be a positive contribution to our country.
    But the most annoying thing of all, was the reference to women as “actors.” instead of actresses. This is ridiculous. We can thank organizations like NOW for blurring gender lines, so that all sexes are now one. In more sensible times, an actor was male and an actress was female…period. No explanation was necessary.
    Now, women insist upon being referred to in men’s terms. That, they think, makes them equal in standing. To show how insane this is, the participants of the award show had to be explained as a “male actor,” or a “female actor.”  So these misguided femmes who have assaulted and mangled the English language to prove their point (that they are as good as men), still had to be divided by the terms, male and female, the very thing they were kicking about and wanted to change, which made the division of sexes even more obvious.  This is nuts.  AAAARRRRGH!  That SAG awards night was awful! In biblical terminology, It Stinketh.






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