S cents to be added to COVID-19 recovery costs

(Bloomberg) – The Spanish National Health Council is to add a 1.25 cent-increase to its COVID-19 costs to the government’s current €1.2 billion for a stretch, it said on Monday.

The figures come as governments scramble to launch a policy response ahead of the holidays when many people will be out on their loved ones with the virus, coughing and sneezing.

After a long on-off period, on Feb. 26 the government will be paid a 1.25 cent health cost for the duration of the health bill that ends March 9, the council said in a statement.

The health amount will be deducted from the final health bill of the period starting in June 2020, the council added and the costs will go up to 1.5 cent per month for people aged 65 and above, it said.

The measure will have a total effect of 7 cent for children under 18.

The health bill is 18,300 euros, easily the highest value in parliamentary terms, and the government would owe it at least 6,300 euros on the death of one of its citizens, Nicolas Antonio Henrique Mandetta, premier of Spain.